Launching TeamViewer

Follow these instructions to learn what to do once you launch TeamViewer.

Click on “Default Installation” and click “Accept – next.”

A pop-up menu will ask if you want this program to make changes to your computer. Hit “yes.”

TeamViewer will finish installing.

Click the TeamViewer subscription option, then click “Finish.

Accept the license agreements and click “Continue.

Sign into your account.

Now, you can remotely connect to a computer, join a meeting, or start a meeting. You can also view a list of Computers and Contacts and chat with specific users, which we’ll review later in the article.

Remote Control

To remotely access another computer, click on the “Remote Control” tab. 

You’ll need to know the Partner ID of the computer you’re connecting to. Once you’re given that information, enter it here and press “Connect.”

Hosting a Meeting

To Host a meeting, press the “Meeting” tab, then press “Start.”

Select your microphone, video, and audio settings. Click on “Start Meeting.”

Joining a Meeting

To join a meeting, click on the Meeting tab.

Enter the Meeting ID, then select “Join.”

Computers & Contacts

This tab is handy, as it not only stores a list of recent devices you have connected to, but a list of ones nearby.

(If an icon displays a red triangle with an exclamation mark, the computer’s antivirus software is not active or out of date. This is important to note before attempting to connect).

There’s a few different ways you can connect to a device on this screen, either by right-clicking the selected device or going over to the panel on the right.

If you select “Remote Control – prompt for confirmation,” a user on the computer you’re connecting to will have to accept the request to connect. If you select “Remote control – using password,” you’ll have to enter a password in order to connect.


If you want to send a message to another computer within TeamViewer, click on the “Chat” tab. 

Select with computer/user you want to send a message to.

If you know the name of the computer/user you’re trying to send a message to, click on “New Message” and begin typing their name in the search box.

Write your message in the text box and press “Enter” on your keyboard.

Exiting TeamViewer

TeamViewer will automatically run in the background even after you press the “X” button. 

If you want to completely exit from TeamViewer, click on “Connection” and “Exit TeamViewer.”

Alternative Way To Exit Out Of TeamViewer (For Windows Users)

Click on the arrow on your Taskbar. 

This will show what apps are running in the background. Right-click on the TeamViewer icon and select “Exit TeamViewer.”


Updated on June 15, 2023

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