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Every record screen, from the “Customer Records” screen to the “Inventory Records” screen, has a “Quick Search” and a “Power Search” ability. 

A Quick Search is a simple search, consisting of the search bar and a simple criteria you’re searching with. The “Quick Search” is great if you want to enter a single search value, while the “Power Search” lets you add filters to modify your search results.  

In this example, we’re on the “Customer Records” screen. Our current search is set to “Last Name Starts With.” We can start entering a search result into the search bar. Our search narrows down to display matching records and displays the total count at the bottom left of the screen.

We can also switch to a different search by clicking on the “Start New Search” button. The “Quick Search” pulls from the saved searches on the “Search Scheme” screen. By saving a search, we can use it later. We can also determine if we want a certain search to be our default search, so it will appear as our desired search method the next time we open the record screen. 

As mentioned, the “Power Search” lets you change your search criteria. So, if we wanted to change “Last Name Starts With” to something like “Last Name Contains” (ex. a certain letter) we would need to click on that button. Click here for those instructions.


Updated on October 20, 2023

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