Artisan Training

We understand that every store’s needs are different. We also understand that this might be your first time using a point of sale system — or that you’re switching from a previous program. When you purchase training with CerTek’s Support Staff, we work hand-in-hand to help you understand Artisan and meet you where you’re at.

Below is a list of what might be covered in your training sessions. If you wish to cover a specific topic or see one that’s not on the list, please let the Support Staff know so they can accommodate you. You’ll also find a link to a knowledge base article for each topic, which might be useful to review before or after your training.

TopicDescriptionArticle Link
Sales TaxLearn how to set up your sales tax and any tax exemptions.
Users and SecurityCreate users (ex. cashiers, managers, etc.) and control their security levels.
Sales Screen BasicsLearn the different areas of the Sales Screen and how to ring up and process basic sales and returns.
Sales Screen SettingsConfigure settings for the Sales Screen, like auto-prompting for a customer, sales rep, or automatically opening the Quick-Pick menu.
VendorsCreate vendor records for your distributors, manufacturers, and any other types of suppliers you may have.
Categories and Sub-CategoriesCreate a structure (hierarchy) for your products and services (ex. Menswear, Mens Shirts, Mens Polos, etc.).
Item RecordsCreate records for your products and services with their cost, price, and other crucial details.
Label PrintingPrint labels for your items – for one product in particular or for multiple products at once.
Purchase OrdersCreate a purchase order to keep track of items you order from your vendor. Learn how to export and send the purchase order to your vendor.
ReceivingOnce the items arrive, learn how to enter the products into Artisan with their quantity.
Day-End and Shift ClosingsLearn how to properly close out of your entire store at the end of the day – or close individual registers with shifts throughout the day.
Searching for RecordsLearn how to utilize the “Power Search” and save your searches to find records.
Updated on May 1, 2024

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