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Users are individual accounts/profiles within Artisan that you can set up for different people that will be using the program. This is especially useful if you have multiple employees and want to know exactly who logged in at what time and at what station.

There are a variety of other details you can set, such as passwords and Authorization Levels, to enhance security.


How to Select User Records

In order to use Artisan, someone must be logged in as a “User.” Artisan will recognize that User as the one who is logged in and currently operating the program from this station. 

To switch to another User, click on the “Current User” button. You will be brought to the “Select User to Log In” screen.

Depending upon the security settings you have set up, Artisan might automatically log in as a specific User upon opening the program. If you have multiple employees, you will most likely have Artisan show the login screen instead. From there, other Users can be selected to log in.

You may also set up Artisan to ask for a password for everyone before entering, or certain Users.

If you utilize the Employee Time Clock, you can also make Artisan ask the User to clock in before proceeding, if they’re not currently clocked in. 

If a User is logged in and wants to clock out, they’ll first click on the “Clock In/Out” button (or go to the “Employee Time Clock Menu“), then select which User is clocking out. As stated previously, if they have a password, they will need to enter it before they clock in or out.

How to Create and Edit User Records

To get into the User Records screen, click on the “Tools” pull-down menu and choose “Program Options.”

Or choose “Tools” from the “Main Menu” screen, then “Program Options.”

From here, choose “Users & Security Settings.”

Choose “Edit Users.”

This opens up your “User Records” list. To create a User, click on the “Add A New Record” button or press “F3” on your keyboard. To edit a user, select the user, then press “Edit This Record” or press “F4” on your keyboard. 

User Record Details

Basic Info Tab

User Name

This is the “long” version or full name of the User Record, which will show up on employee reports.

Short Name

This is the name that will display on the “Current User” button, as well as on the “Log In” screen.

Current User” button:

User Log In screen:


Setting a password is optional. Passwords can be reset, but we strongly recommend storing passwords somewhere secure in case they are forgotten. When you set a password, Artisan will ask to confirm it. Note: If the password doesn’t save, press “Enter” on your keyboard instead of “OK.”

Include in Detailed Sales Reports?

If you want this employee included in detailed Sales Reports, select “Yes.” If “No” is selected, they will be excluded.

Sales Commission Rate

You may leave the sales commission rate 0 (for no sales commissions to be applied at all) or enter a custom amount. Setting rates is helpful if you have employees who earn commissions on sales. You can also choose if the employee will earn based on Net Sales or Gross Profit. 

With a rate set and the employee selected as a Sales Rep on the Sales Screen, they’ll earn a commission for the sale. Click here to learn about Sales Reps.

Track Time Worked?

With the Employee Time Clock feature enabled, you may track employee time. This is especially helpful for exporting employee hours into an accounting program like QuickBooks. If this is set to “Yes,” the employee will be asked if they want to track their time or not when they log in for the first time during the day/shift. To learn more about the Employee Time Clock, click here.

Time Clock Only?

With this enabled, the User will only be able to use Artisan to clock in their time and clock out. They will not have access to other areas, such as the Sales Screen.

Menu Order

This controls the order the User will be listed as on the login screen. The higher the number, the higher they are listed on the screen. Artisan also lists Users alphabetically. A User with their Menu Order set to “1” will be the first User on the screen, unless another user has that number as their Menu Order, and their Short Name comes before theirs alphabetically. 

Active vs Non Active

This controls if the User will display on the Log In screen. We recommend this for employees that are no longer working at your store. We strongly recommend this option as it will not delete their record. 

Authorization Level

The Authorization Level is the User’s “rank” within Artisan. This coincides with your Security Settings and only permits users with certain levels to perform certain tasks or enter certain areas within the program, such as configuring users, returning items, etc. 

Deleting Records

Deleting the record will remove the User from the User Records List (and the Log In screen, as their account will no longer be accessible). Deleting the record will not delete the sales the user made (ex. sales will still show up in reports. Permanently deleting a record is done with the “Purge” function in the “Advanced Database Maintenance” section in Artisan).

To undelete their record, go to the User Records list and click on “Show Power Search.”

Click on the “Deleted Records” tab.

Check the “Show Deleted Records.”

To undelete multiple records at once, select the “Bulk Undelete” button or press “F7” on your keyboard.

To undelete records individually, select the record you want to undelete.

Artisan will confirm that you want to undelete the record.

Activity Tab

Pressing “F4” or clicking on the “Activity” tab opens up specific information related to this individual User Record. View the date and time the record was created, by who, and at what station and location.

Click on “Audit” to view more details.

Clicking on “Configure Columns” or right-clicking and selecting it, will open other areas you can add to your list. 

Screen Context,” for example, will display the screens they’ve accessed, while “Detail” will describe what they did on that screen. 

Updated on March 5, 2024

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