The Adjustment Screen

When you adjust the quantity on hand of an item within its Item Record, you’ll be directed to an Adjustment Screen. Increasing your amount and decreasing your amount lead to different screens, which we’ll go over in this article.

TIP: When you run an Inventory Adjustment Detail Report, Artisan will show you what items were adjusted and for what reason. (“Reports” – > “Inventory Reports” – > “Inventory Adjustment Detail Report“).

Increase Inventory

Let’s go over a few options to choose from when adjusting an inventory that has increased.

Scenario: Let’s say we realize we have 28 Green Tree Frog T-Shirts instead of what our current quantity on hand says, which is 27. We’ll enter “28” into our QOH field.

When we hit “Save,” we’ll see three options: “Receive w/o a Purchase Order,” “Correction Based on Physical Count,” or “Misc Adjustment.”

For this example, we’ll want to pick “Correction Based on Physical Count” since we counted our items and realized we had 28 instead of 27. 

Received w/o PO: If you received an item from a vendor without a purchase order, select this option. 

Misc Adjustment: Any reason that wasn’t included in the other options.

Decrease Inventory

There are multiple reasons why you might need to adjust an inventory that has decreased, as shown here:


Shrinkage: An item was lost or stolen.

Destroyed: An item was damaged or destroyed.

Returned to Vendor: You are returning an item to a vendor (ex. products that aren’t selling well that you want to send back).

Internal Use: You used a product you sell for your business (ex. you sell paper towels but decide to place one in your business’s bathroom).

Donated: You donated one of your products. 

Correction Based on Physical Count: You notice you accidentally inputted more of an item than you actually have (ex. you counted 13 initially when you actually have 12).

Misc Adjustment: Any reason that wasn’t included in the other options.


Updated on June 15, 2023

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