Updating or Upgrading Artisan (Detailed Instructions)


Follow these steps to update or upgrade Artisan to the latest version. 


For Windows Users

  1. Click on the DropBox link provided to you by our Support Team. Click the “Download” button in the top-left corner.

Artisan will begin downloading. 

2. An install wizard will appear. Click “Next” on the “Welcome to the Artisan POS Software Setup Wizard” screen. 

3. Select the folder where you would like to install Artisan. This should be your “local” folder. Hit “Next” to continue.

4. IMPORTANT: If you’re installing a new version of Artisan (and replacing an old version), the Setup Wizard screen will look like this. Select “update the existing installation,” then hit “Next.”

5. Choose “Never” at the “check for updates” screen. Click “Next.” Artisan will begin installing the program. 

6. Once that is done, leave “Run Artisan POS Software” unchecked. Hit “Finish.”


  1. Click on the DropBox link provided to you by our Support Team. Click the “Download” button in the top-left corner.

NOTE: If you receive an error that your computer does not want to download the file, you’ll need to adjust your security settings. Head to “Security and Privacy.”

In the next screen, there should be a button that says “enable anyway” or something similar. Click on that. Artisan should then be able to be downloaded on your computer.

2. Find this installer either on your desktop and double-click on it: 

Or go to your “Finder.”

Then, double-click on the installer icon.

3. Artisan will begin installing and opening the Install Wizard.

Click “Yes, update the existing installation.” Click “Next.”

4. Set the “Check for Updates” dropdown to “Never.” Click “Next.”

If you receive this error message, Artisan is still open. Close the program and resume the update.

5. Follow the prompts. When you’re finished, you’ll see this screen.

Artisan is successfully updated. Leave “Run Artisan POS Software” unchecked and hit “Finish.”


1. Perform a backup before proceeding.

2. Exit Artisan on all stations.

3. Open Artisan on one station. Click on “Help” then “Enter License Keys.”

4. Select “Add New Record.”

5. Enter the key given to you by Sales or Support.

6. Enter Artisan on your other stations. Artisan will then prompt you to continue the upgrade.

Updated on November 3, 2023

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