Payment Processing Menu

Use this menu to view payment processing logs and view and print reports.

Payment Processing Log

This screen shows a list of payments made through your payment processing device. If you ran any test sales after setting up your PIN pad, they’ll show here as well.

Transactions 1, 2, and 3 are test transactions.

Configure Columns

If necessary, you can add, remove, and rearrange columns on this page.

Payment Processing Batch Detail Report

This shows you an in-depth summary of your transactions. Our example’s error/decline section is highlighted in red since we used test credit cards.

Payment Processing Batch Reconciliation Report

This report tells you if each processed payment matches up to the amount on the transaction, as indicated in the “MATCH” section. 

Order Processing Batch Report

This report refers shows any orders processed in a batch format.

Automatic Billing Report

This report shows any automatic billing information.

Expiring Credit Card Report

If your customers have any credit cards that have expired, they’ll show up here. Select if you want to show all cards on file or only those that are automatically billed.