Sales Exports

This screen relates to exporting Sales information. To get to this screen, click on “Accounting” on the “Main Menu.

Select “Sales Exports.”

Or, from the toolbar, select “Go” and “Accounting,” and select “Sales Exports.”

Either way, you’ll end up at the following screen.

Export Sales Summaries to Accounting Package

This screen exports an .iif file containing your Sales Summaries for a date range you specify. This file is required when importing your sales information into QuickBooks.

Export Detailed Sales Transactions

Use this screen to create a .ttx file of your sales information.

Export Sales Counts to Nielsen SoundScan

This feature is not yet implemented as of version 4.7.

Export Sales Data to Management One for Open-To-Buy

Use this screen to export your sales data for the program Management One. Management One is a merchandise planning program.