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Adding / Editing Shelf Locations

Utilizing the “Shelf Location” field within an item record is useful to keep track of where the product is in your store. Let’s say a product is located in a few different departments around the store (ex. Automotive, Hardware, etc). Its shelf location can reflect all of these areas. 

Edit the record and click on the “Notes and Descriptions” tab.

Click on the “Shelf Stock Location” field and start entering your shelf locations. Shelf locations can contain both numbers and letters (ex. 31B). Please separate multiple locations with a comma. You may include spaces between the commas or not. However, this does impact how Artisan will search for the shelf location – we’ll show examples later.
Save the record. To filter products using these shelf locations, let’s head to our Item Records list (accessed from the Toolbar “Items” icon at the top of the screen or “Main Menu,” “Inventory,” and “Item Records“). Click on the “Show Power Search” button.

Click on the top dropdown and select “Shelf Location.” On the next dropdown, select “Contains.” 

If you would like to save this search to easily access it later, click on the “Save Search” button. 
Create a name for this saved search (ex. Shelf Location) and press “OK.” You may save this as your default search if you wish by clicking on the checkmark. 
(Now, when you click on “Start New Search,” this search will come up as one of your options).

Enter in a shelf location. Artisan will pull up all Item Records with this shelf location. 
To search for multiple shelf locations at once, enter the locations with commas.
Notice how a space between the comma in the search bar filtered different results in the Item Records list. Keep this in mind as you are adding shelf locations in your Item Records.
Filtering items starting with “ST” without a space after the comma
Filtering items starting with “ST” with a space after the comma

Shelf Locations for Product Variants

If your product is a Product Variant, there’s an extra step you’ll need to take. Click here to familiarize yourself with product variants or if you need a refresher. In short, product variants are Item Records within Artisan that help you organize similar products, such as a shirt with different sizes or colors.

Edit the “Base Product” and edit the template.

Select the “Shelf Location” from the areas you would like to be editable for all items within this product variant template. Press “Save.”

You will now be able to edit individual item records within the variant to change each product’s location, whereas before it was grayed out.

Before turning on “Shelf Location” editing in the template:

After turning on “Shelf Location” editing in the template:
Updated on June 12, 2023

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