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Connect to Support

If you are having any issues with Artisan, please call us on our support line at 877-723-7835 select option 2 for support. Once we speak via phone, we will need you to download TeamViewer so that we may connect to your Register / PC and help you out with the issues that you may be facing. Here is how we connect to you.

Please do these steps on your Register / PC. Macintosh computers are very similar when installing TeamViewer.

In Artisan:

1. Click on Tools then Connect to Technician.


2. Your Browser will open up our website If you are using Internet Explorer, it will automatically ask you to select Run, Save or Cancel on the bottom of the Browser, hit Run.

Your download should begin in 3 seconds. If it does not, please click on “Join a Session” above. Then hit Run.

Join a Session

3. Once the Download has completed, a box will pop up asking you to allow the User Account Control, hit YES.

User Account Control

4. Now provide us Your ID and Password that’s displayed on the TeamViewer.


5. At this point, we would be connecting to you after you have given us the information from the step above.

Updated on June 15, 2023

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