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Why Would You Need to Export a List?

Artisan allows you to export a list on record screens, like the Inventory List screen, Customer Records Screen, and Gift Registries screen, just to name a few.

This is useful for a variety of reasons. CerTek may require this information to assist with Support problems. Or, you may need this for your own purposes, such as external programs and data analytic tools that require certain file formats like .CSV. 

Export List Steps

To export a list, click on the “Export List” button or the “F9” button on your keyboard.

Artisan will ask if you want to export the currently displayed fields or all fields.

Selecting “Current Displayed Fields” will export only the information in the columns displayed on the list screen (ex. Registry #, Event Date, Event Name, etc).

Choosing “All” will export all information from the record’s other tabs, even those that aren’t included on the record list screen (ex. who created the record and when, Notes, Ship Via, Ship To, etc).

Next, Artisan will ask what file type you want to export your list as.

CSV (Comma delimited) – This is a popular file format for spreadsheet programs such as Excel and Google Sheets. This file type will separate your data into columns and rows. 

Text (Tab delimited) – This file type is accessible in very basic programs like NotePad. For instances where you would like your content separated by columns, we recommend exporting as a .csv file instead.

TTX (Tagged text) – TTX stands for TradosTag File and requires a special program to open. 

Updated on June 20, 2023

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