Finalizing a Sale

Finalizing a sale is the final step in the Sales process. This is where you take a deposit or total amount.

Completing a Sale

Once you are ready to accept payment for items on a sale, select the green button labeled “Finalize” at the bottom-right of the screen, or press F10.

This button will take you to the payment screen. Here is where you will choose the payment type and process the sale.

Processing a Sale without Split Tenders

Processing a sale with a single tender is easy and straight forward. Click on the “Amount” field and type in the amount you would like for the first payment type. Then, select the payment type to the right. If the amount has been paid in full, you can now select “Save” to complete the sale. If the customer has a balance due, visit the section “Processing a Sale with Split Tenders.”

Processing a Sale with Split Tenders

With the first payment taken, it is now time to enter the second payment type. Enter the amount paid with your first tender type, then select your tender type. Enter the amount paid by the second tender type, and then select the tender type. If you have more than two tender types, just repeat the process described above.

Once the balance has been paid in full, select “Save.” 

Remember: If using cash as one of the payment types, use it as the last payment type so Artisan can calculate the change due, if any.

Updated on June 19, 2023

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