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Item Record Qty Breaks & More Prices Tab


items screen 2

Retail Quantity Breaks – lets you specify this item’s discounts based on the quantity purchased. Choose between different options including BOGO or Buy One Get One types of offers. You can find more information in Pricing Scheme Basics.

The Retail Price and List Price (MSRP) – Optionally enter the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for this item. This field is primarily for your reference in establishing your pricing. It is generally not used by the program. However, you can include List Price on merchandise item labels. Depending upon your Item Record Screen Options, the MSRP field may be visible on the main Item screen as well.

Use this Quantity Break Scheme for ALL Price Levels – You can indicate that you wish to have this Quantity Break Chart affect all price levels. For more information on Customer Types, click here. You can have an unlimited number of customer types or price levels. This chart lets you view and edit the pricing for this item for all the available levels.

Be very careful if you edit a Retail Quantity Break scheme that was previously setup, as it may be associated to other products and not just this one.

Price Levels for Each Customer Type – for more detailed information on this subject, please see Customer Types (Pricing Levels).

Updated on June 15, 2023

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