On-Hold Sales and Orders

Placing a Sale or Order On-Hold

A customer might want to place a sale on-hold for many reasons. Maybe they need to wait in order to pay for the item or they stepped out of line to shop for a different item. Regardless, putting a sale or order on-hold is easy to do in Artisan.

At the payment screen, you can collect money first (the whole amount or an amount put down as a deposit) then select “Hold.” You may place an order on hold without collecting any money by just selecting the “Hold” button.

On-Hold Sales and Orders List

To find your list of on-hold sales and orders, head to “Order Status” on the “Main Menu.

Select “On-Hold Sales & Orders.”

Select if you want to view transaction summaries or individual line items. Transaction summaries show the money exchanged, while the individual line items show what was purchased with each order.

Both lists include the following default sections: sales slip number, transaction date, sale type, status, total, amount paid, and customer. You can also add additional fields, such as “Amount Paid,” by clicking on “Configure Columns.”

Paying for the Item

Once the sale is ready to be paid or delivered, locate the sale on the list and press “Enter.”

This will bring up the on-hold sale. Press “Finalize.”

Select the payment type. Press “Save.”

Artisan will confirm that the order was paid for.

Updated on June 12, 2023

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