Sales Reps

You can easily create Sales Reps and set their commission rates in Artisan. Follow this tutorial to learn how.

What are Sales Reps, and Why Should You Use Them?

A cashier, or clerk, is the individual who inputs the sale into Artisan. Someone who gets credit or  commission for the sale, or “closed” the sale, is referred to as a Sales Rep. 

The Sales Rep tool is useful if you track employees by commission, or the amount they make on sales. You can add up to four Sales Reps to one sale. You can also see how much a Sales Rep earned in a certain time period using reports. We’ll go into detail about these topics later.

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Sales Screen

On the Sales Screen, you’ll notice there is a button for “Cashier” and a button for “Sales Rep(s).” On a blank sale, Artisan will default the “Sales Rep” to whoever is the cashier (which defaults to whoever is logged into Artisan). Change this by clicking on the “Sales Rep” button or pressing CTRL-S on your keyboard. 

This will bring up the Sales Rep screen. Select which Sales Rep you want to add to the sale.

The new Sales Rep will appear here.

You can select up to four Sales Reps on one sale. You should add more than one Sales Rep to a sale if multiple Sales Reps “closed” the sale or will otherwise gain commission on the sale.

To add an additional Sales Rep, click on “Add Another Sales Rep.”

Select the Sales Rep. Repeat this process if necessary.

The Sales Reps will be added to the sale/order as shown.  In this example, the credit is divided equally among sales reps. Sales Rep commissions are shown in commission reports, which are shown with examples in the “Reports” section of this article. 

But what if you want one Sales Rep to get a higher commission on a sale than another?

To do so, put that Sales Rep on the sale multiple times. For example, we want Alice to get more credit for the sale than Maria, so we’ll choose “Add Another Sales Rep” and repeat that process to add her twice. We’ll add Maria only once. Alice will receive two-third credit of the sale and Maria will receive one-third credit.

Note: If you choose one Sales Rep (without clicking “Add Another Sales Rep“) Artisan will confirm what you want to do–replace multiple sales reps with one sales rep, or cancel.

Setting Commission Rates

To set or edit a Sales Rep’s rate, head to “Configuration Settings,” “Users & Security Settings,” and “Edit Users.”

This opens a list of your users. Select which user you want to edit.

Enter the sales commission. This can be based on net sales or gross sales and can be a decimal percentage if necessary. 

You can adjust the Sales Rep menu order by inputting a number into the field. “0” ranks the User higher, while “80” ranks them lower. Users set to the same number will be sorted alphabetically. The lower the number is, the higher they will rank on the list.

In this example, Shaliene and Stephanie’s menu order is set to “1.” They are ranked at the top and sorted alphabetically. 

Alice, Amanda, Amy, and Terry’s menu order is set to “2.” They are also ranked toward the top and sorted alphabetically. The remaining users have their number set to “80” and are sorted alphabetically.


There a few reports within Artisan where you can view Sales Rep information. 

Click on “Reports,” “Sales Reports,” and “Sales Summary Report.”

Choose which Sales Rep information you want to view.

First report:

Second report:

Multiple reps on one sale:

One rep earning more than another on the same sale:

Click on “Reports,” “Employee Reports,” and “Employee Performance and Commissions.”

Second page with total:

Exclude Items from Sales Commissions

If you have items that you want to exclude from sales commissions, you can easily do so.

Head to your categories and select one to edit.

Click on the dropdown.

If an item is sold within that category, any reps assigned to that sale will not receive a commission.


Updated on June 19, 2023

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