Voiding An Order

With appropriate permissions, you can void sales and orders in Artisan. A common reason why you might want to do this is that the customer no longer wants to go through with the purchase or order.

To void an order or sale, recall it.

Note: To recall a sale, click the “Operations” button or “Ctrl” and “O” on your keyboard.

Select “Recall Sale.”

Search for the sale and press enter to select it.

Next, press “Void.”

Select “Void Entire Sale.”

Artisan will ask if you want to void the entire sale or order. If you’re certain, press “Yes.” (If the customer only wants to void a specific item¬†from the sale and not the entire sale, just select the item and press “Void Item” instead).

Voided Sales and Orders

Voided sales and orders will appear in the Order Status menu.

You’ll have an option to view a transaction summary or line items of voided sales.

Transaction Summary:

Line Items:


Updated on March 22, 2024

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