Creating a Purchase Order

A purchase order is a form you send to your vendor, requesting any items you want to purchase from them. We’ll go over creating a purchase order in this article.

Click the “New PO” button.

Select a vendor for the purchase order by double-clicking on the vendor or type their vendor code into the search bar.

A Purchase Order Options pop-up will ask how you want to start your purchase order.

Include Purchase Requests for This Vendor

This option includes all special orders or sales orders created in Artisan that need to be fulfilled, and any products that have been requested for a customer.

Include All Items for This Vendor

This option includes all products that this vendor sells.

Adding Product Variants

If you want, you can add all of a product’s variants to a purchase order.

Click on the base product.


Artisan will ask if you want to include the base product’s variants.

Start With a Blank Purchase Order

This option creates a blank PO that you can add items to. 

Click on “Item Search” or hit F2 on your keyboard.

Search for the item(s) in the search bar and select them from the list by double-clicking or hitting “Enter” on your keyboard.

Type in the quantity of the item. Note: Any items with a quantity of zero will be removed from the PO.

Next, head to the “Shipping” tab (below the “Line Items” tab). Choose your shipping method (Ground, Next Day Air, etc.). Fill out your shipping information. 

Starting in 4.6, you can include additional addresses. Just click on “Other Addresses” and add a record.

Input the information.

Next, click on the “Dates” tab. Fill out the fields to determine the date you would like to receive your order.

Also starting with 4.6, you can add Memos and Vendor Order numbers to POs. This is useful if the vendor’s number for your order is different from your PO number. 

When you’re finished, press “Save PO.”

A copy of your PO will open.

“Smart Start”

This option starts the purchase order off with quantities from recent sales. Input the date range you want (ex. the last 30 days).

Printing Purchase Order

With the Purchase Order open, click on “File,” then “Print” to print the PO, or click on the printer icon. 

Exporting Purchase Order

Click on “Report” and “Export,” or the export icon to export the PO as a PDF, XLS document, or other option. Press “OK” when done.

Emailing Purchase Order

Click on “Report,” then “Mail,” or the email icon. In the Mail Report panel, input the email address you’re sending the PO to. Include any relevant information in the body of the email. Press “Send” when finished.

Refreshing Report

If you want to refresh the report before printing, exporting, or emailing, click on “Report,” then “Refresh,” or the refresh icon. This will regenerate the report with the latest information.

If your report is multiple pages, click on “View” and navigate with these options. (In this example, these options are grayed out because we only have one page in this PO).

Once you’re finished with the PO, you can close out.