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Set Up Sample Data (or Switch to Sample Data)

When Opening Artisan

When you first open Artisan, after the Welcome Screen, you’ll decide between choosing sample data or starting your real data. We recommend practicing with Sample Data before you set up your real data.

There are three options to choose from when selecting Sample Data.

The first of these three options, “Continue to use Your Current Sample Data,” will open a copy of the data that you were last using as Sample Data.  If this is the first time you’re using Artisan, you obviously will not have any previous sample data.  Please note: if you do not have a current or valid license key, this option will cause issues due to inability to update the database correctly.

The second option, “Use a Copy of Your Real Data as Sample Data,” will take a virtual copy of the actual data for your company and allow you to manipulate it as Sample Data.

The last option, “Replace your Sample Data with Data for a Sample Company,” will allow you to create a fictional company through choices you can add before creating the Sample Data.  This can allow you to view what it would be like if you were running an apparel, gift shop, fine craft, or other retail location. If you’re starting Artisan for the first time, choose this option to practice with.

Sample data4

Switching to Sample Data

You may want to access Sample Data later on, even after you’ve switched over to your Real Data, to test out various processes and gather further understanding of some functions. 

To access Sample Data, select the drop-down menu at Artisan’s left-hand side and select “Use Sample Data (Practice).” Then, choose from the three options as described earlier.

Sample Data

Updated on June 13, 2023

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