Important Information about Windows 11 Update

Starting October 5th, Windows will start releasing Windows 11. Please read this article before updating your computer.

Artisan will run on Windows 11 and we have not detected any problems. However, this is a new update, and we will need some time to see if any issues arise.

If your business is mission critical–meaning you can’t afford to run into any software issues at the moment–we strongly recommend waiting to update to Windows 11.

Please keep in mind that hardware, such as printers and scanners, as well as device drivers, are out of our control, and we cannot predict how they will interact with this new update. We are currently testing hardware and drivers, but this will take some time.

If you plan on updating to Windows 11, we recommend you back up your files or choose a computer to test it on, if you have an extra computer that you don’t use often.

We assume that there isn’t a way to undo the Windows 11 update once your computer has been updated. 

If you’re willing to experiment with Windows 11 and Artisan, please let us know if you run into any problems. We appreciate your willingness to be a guinea pig and help us improve our program!