Adding an item as a Quick Pick

Quick Pick 1

Taking advantage of the Quick Pick section is one of many ways that Artisan can make transactions easier and faster!  Think about Quick Picks as being a location that some of your most consistent or popular items can be housed and viewed quickly to speed up the sales process.


Quick pick2

You can add a Quick Pick easily by opening up the Item Record listing by clicking on the indicated icon titled Items tab.  Once you see this screen, then you’ll want to select the Item that you would like to make a Quick Pick.  Once selected, you can either press the “F5” button on your keyboard or select Edit This Record.

Quick pick3

This page will then display, allowing some customization for the item that you are working with.  Selecting Pictures & Menus will populate the location that we are looking for.

quick pick4

From this screen, we can select the drop down functional menu that is highlighted and change Include in Quick-Pick to Yes.  You can also edit the Quick Pick button with additional options such as Menu Color and Thumbnail Image.