Adding an Item as a Quick Pick

Taking advantage of the Quick Pick section is one of many ways that Artisan can make transactions easier and faster! Think about Quick Picks as being a location that some of your most consistent or popular items can be housed and viewed quickly to speed up the sales process.

Watch the video to learn how to add an item as a quick pick or read the instructions below.


1. Select your item from the Inventory Records screen and click on “Edit This Record.”

2. This page will then display, allowing some customization for the item that you are working with. Select the “Pictures & Menus” tab.

quick pick4


3. From this screen, select the drop-down menu that is highlighted and change “Include in Quick-Pick?” to “Yes.”  You can also customize the Quick Pick button with additional options such as “Menu Color” and “Thumbnail Image.”

4. You can also adjust the order of your Quick Pick buttons by entering a number in the “Menu Order” section. Any items with the Menu Order at 80 will be sorted alphabetically. The lower the number, the further up the item’s order. Let’s see an example.

As an example, we’ll set this other item’s menu order at “80.”

We’ll do the same for this next item, “A Wilder Rose.”

For this item, we’ll set its order to “1.”

Access the Quick Pick menu from the Sale’s Screen.

Notice how “Happiness” and “A Wilder Rose” are sorted alphabetically, and “Briar Queen” is the first item listed on the Quick-Pick menu.