What New Features are in 4.0?

What New Features are in 4.0 compared to 3.5?


System Basics

  • Completely re-written from the ground up in Java for Mac and/or PC.
  • A whole new look, but same easy feel.
  • Share data between Mac & PC (For example, you can have a PC for your register and a “Mac in the back.”)
  • Wireless networks are allowed, but not recommended, because a wired network is faster and more secure.
  • Limited support for Laptops & Tablets if they have Windows 7 or better or Mac OS X Yosemite or Mavericks.
    iPads devices are NOT supported with the full application but may eventually have companion apps.
  • Tablets don’t have keyboards. Artisan works better with a keyboard. Tablets should be used for
    Inventory Counting and other Special Operations ONLY.
  • A new SQL database engine which is even more robust.


Screens & Record Editing

  • Multiple Screens for Everything. For example, have PO open and start Sale and switch between the two.
  • Configure record lists. Add/Remove/Rearrange columns and control widths.
  • Record screens have tabs for easier access.
  • Adaptive screens allow more information as window sizes increases.


Searching Record Lists

  • Search by almost any field.
  • Power searches for Customers and Items and more.
  • Advanced search for most lists.



  • More built-in reports.
  • Built-In Report Designer for advanced users/developers.



  • More security controls.
  • Audit logs for everything, know who changed what, when, and where.
  • Protect data with a USB Device called a “Secure Access Key”.
  • SQL is generally much more secure.



  • Tool Bar buttons for quick access to popular functions.
  • Configurable profiles for similar stations such as multiple registers or office stations.
  • Unlimited Bar Codes per item.
  • Product pictures on sales and purchase order screens for product validation up-sell.


What is missing?

  • Many special features such as Loyalty Clubs and Product Variants are coming soon!
    Check out the Feature Release Schedule for details.


What is NOT supported?

  • No more PC Charge! as payment processor.
  • No Support for older devices such as serial receipt printers and parallel cash drawers.
  • No more Generic Text driver for receipt printers ( They must have a real driver installed above generic text).