Blue Dolphin House

Blue-Dolphin-House-Interior“Whatever Works Best for You, They Can Make Work”

As Blue Dolphin House – a combination gift shop and art gallery in Door County, Wisconsin – approached its 49th season, Peg and John Lowry were looking to transition from their existing POS solution to something they felt would better suit their needs.

Peg and John first encountered CerTek Software representatives at the Philadelphia Buyers Market of American Craft in 2012. CerTek Software had been appearing at these shows for years, but their paths had simply never crossed. After researching CerTek’s POS solutions and speaking with representatives Mark and David, Peg and John decided to take the plunge and adopt CerTek Software as their POS solution in 2015.

They were most impressed by the ease of transition from their previous POS to CerTek Software’s Artisan POS – as well as how personal, quick, and attentive support was.

Peg worked closely with CerTek during the initial migration and described the support team as being incredibly approachable and helpful. Working together to clean up inventory, CerTek Software representatives would call Peg regularly to discuss questions they had, giving Peg the opportunity to discuss any questions she might have. If Peg got an unsatisfying answer, she would simply ask them to check again and they would be happy to comply.

“I know I can call them and get an answer,” said Peg. “Whatever works best for you, they can make work.”

There were certainly some hiccups along the way – small glitches like incompatible historical inventory and a few customer data integration errors meant that Blue Dolphin House kept their old POS running as a backup system – but the representatives at CerTek were always happy to talk to John or Peg and work to find a solution.

Peg and John described the new system as being “so easy” to use and were particularly impressed with how Artisan handled consignment. A simple click of a button could generate individual payout sheets for each artist that Blue Dolphin House sold. The customer loyalty program was another big perk, with Artisan allowing Blue Dolphin house to establish multiple different customer types. Combined with the exemplary QuickBooks integration and reporting exports to make tax filing simpler, Peg and John found themselves quite pleased with CerTek.