Fine Craft POS System

An All-in-One Fine Craft Solution to Help Oversee Your Business Operations

Artisan was built for the fine craft industry and has served hundreds of galleries and high-end gift shops across the US. Founders Kurt Gollhardt and David Roberts have extensive fine craft backgrounds and know first-hand the unique challenges this industry faces. Determined to solve them, they worked hard to tailor Artisan Point of Sale with powerful and effective features.

From ceramics to woodwork, mixed media to glass, metals, and more, your fine craft items are unique. Your business requires a dependable point of sale (POS) system that prioritizes inventory management and order fulfillment. With Artisan, you’ll know what’s on order and what to order – helping you maximize your sales while keeping your artists and clients happy.

From payment processing, consignment tools, loyalty programs, and accounting abilities, our all-in-one system handles nearly every corner of the fine craft world. With a POS program at your fingertips, measuring your business’s growth has never been easier.

Fine Craft POS System Features

Monitor All of Your Inventory

  • Track quantity, date sold, date received, and other important details at any time with inventory tracking. Know which items you have on order and automatically create purchase requests when you fall low on stock.
  • Organize inventory with nested subcategories up to nine levels deep.
  • Mark items as “Incomplete,” “Waiting,” “Ready,” and “Delivered” to know which products still have to be completed, paid for, or picked up.

Easily Control Your Consignment Process

  • Receive and sell items on consignment. Create vendor records with contact information, consignment splits, and fees for rental space and credit cards.
  • Artisan can even apply the vendor’s settings to their inventory each time new items are added, including percentages and pricing schemes.
  • Stay on top of your finances by exporting payout statements, importing accounting info into QuickBooks, and running special reports, like the consignment ledger report.

Built-In Customer Management to Offer Excellent Experiences

  • Keep track of customer sales data to know what they buy and what they may need in the future.
  • Easily capture customer information, like name, address, and date of birth, by scanning or swiping a driver’s license.
  • Create unique loyalty clubs with tracked points and coupons to reward customers. Once customers hit point thresholds, optionally move them to another “tier” automatically, like “VIP Customers.” See point totals on the sales screen next to the customer’s contact information.

Additional Features

Benefits of Our Fine Craft POS System


Save Time – and Money

Use handy search features to narrow down records and get the info you require. Pair your inventory process with specialized handhelds to make labeling, receiving, and ordering items a breeze. Allow your staff to focus on what customers need most.

Increase Sale Opportunities

An advanced POS solution is a perfect way for fine craft retailers can increase their sales. Whether you utilize eCommerce integrations or glean insights from analytics and reporting, having access to your retail data is not only useful but crucial.


Create a Cohesive Experience

Our POS system comes equipped to support unique customer journeys to create enjoyable experiences for your customers. With features that support “Items On Reserve” and “Special Orders,” customers will always walk away happy.

Everything You Need in a POS


Our fine craft store POS software has all the features you need for success. Control inventory, sell in-store and online, and manage operations from a single program.


Get a complete POS system bundle, including PCs, software, cash drawers, receipt printers, and more. Or, buy any hardware piece individually from our store.


Our dedicated technical team is ready to assist with the sales process, training, and implementation. Plus, we offer ongoing U.S.-based support and a growing knowledge base.
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