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From Apparel to Zoos, Artisan works with many different industries including: Home Furnishings, Needle Crafts, Sporting Equipment, Beads, Candy, Tattoo, Video, Art Galleries, Fair Trade, Craft, CO-OP, and more.

A Full-Featured General Purpose POS

Artisan works with many different industries beyond the ones mentioned. The great thing about Artisan working with so many specialty industries is that many of these unique features translate well to other industries. For example we added the Customer Loyalty Clubs for the scrapbook industry. Now any retailer that tracks their customers, can use this feature.
Since Artisan fits well with so many industries, it is very likely that we will work well with yours. Learn more about it below or call us to see how Artisan can work for your specific requirements.

No more hand-written sales slips!

With today’s slick black flat-panel screens, you can maintain the elegant look of your store while using a computer (under the counter) or laptop to quickly & easily ring up sales.

The Features Your Business Needs & More



Increase Sales

Artisan can actually help you increase your sales by helping you know more about what goes on in your store. This can help you by keeping you from running out of one of your best selling items and by knowing what your customers like by measuring how fast different products sell. Your customers will appreciate that you are organized and that you know more about them. You can build stronger customer relationship and entice customers back to your store with loyalty programs, events, and mailings. Capture customer information by swiping or scanning a driver’s license (in most states).

Marketing to current customers to increase loyalty and repeat purchases is the key to retail success today. Artisan offers a variety of customer loyalty program options.

Lower Costs

  • Accurately price & ring up items. Increase speed & accuracy with bar codes.
  • Accurately track purchase costs – buy smarter – don’t make expensive mistakes.
  • Computer-printed price tags save time and are easier to read.
  • Issue (and track) store credit for returned merchandise instead of paying out cash.
  • Track inventory changes to help prevent and identify theft.
  • Detailed reports & easy consignment support let you buy smarter and lower inventory investment.
  • Save time ordering merchandise. Faster physical inventory counting with the use of PDT’s
  • (Portable Data Terminals; available for rent or purchase).





Make your difficult tasks easier

  • Trouble-free consignment inventory with ready-to-mail Pay-Out Statements
  • Easy-to-use Layaways, Special Orders, one-of-a-kind items, and Store Credits
  • Option to use full-sheet or half-sheet custom receipts with your logo (or use a receipt printer)
  • We can help you create an Online Store with product info managed entirely in Artisan
  • Sales Rep Commission Reports
  • Save a tree & save yourself a lot of hassle:

No more hand-written sales slips! With today’s slick black flat-panel screens, you can maintain the elegant look of your store while using a computer (under the counter) or laptop to quickly & easily ring up sales.

Control and manage your business

Each transaction is recorded, deducted from inventory and noted on the customer account.This allows you to track sales by product and by customer.

You can track customers trends by product, sales by day and by hour and plan staff shifts with Sales By Hour report.



Reporting made easy

Artisan easily exports accounting data to QuickBooks. Dozens of built-in reports with numerous options let you analyze sales, inventory and customer activity. Track employee hours with Time Clock option. Custom report services available for a small fee.

Manage and market to current customers

You can manage customer relationships because you’ll know what they bought, when they bought it and how much they paid. Your customer data can be easily exported to files for use with email programs and other loyalty services, or print mailing labels directly. No other software program gives you as much power to pull out a simple or complex list of customers based on all kinds of important demographic criteria.




Track trends

Easily identify your best & worst selling items, set automatic reorder levels for stock items, and discontinue slow sellers.

Inventory control/merchandise tags:
Artisan can print small unobtrusive price tags—with or w/o bar codes—with removable adhesive to protect valuable artwork. You can also get just about any size label you desire with your logo, special fonts, custom layouts and more. We even have “string tag” & barbell jewelry tags. Some customizations are done as a service for a small fee.

Inventory control/merchandise tags


Print cardboard hang tags with bar code, SKU, description, price(s), size, color & more; or print stick-on price labels to attach to pre-attached tags. Custom layout services are available for a small fee



Artisan works with your existing hardware

Supports electronic cash drawers, bar code readers, and many other POS devices. We support multiple terminals, simultaneous sales per terminal, and a full Multi-Store option.

Don’t have POS hardware yet? We offer a full range of equipment & supplies.

Secure credit card processing

Use your standalone terminals or upgrade to Integrated Credit Card Processing for quicker transactions and fewer errors. Fully compliant with the latest PA-DSS credit card security standards.

We pride ourselves on service after the sale.
Artisan is easy to use but we’re always there to answer a question or solve a problem.


Ready for the Next Step? Try a Demo

Contact us for a free, no-obligation demonstration. It will be worth your time.


We offer a feature-rich Point-of-Sale application that runs successfully in all kinds of stores from Apparel to Zoos, and much more. Since Artisan fits well with so many industries, it is very likely that we will work well with yours. Call us to learn more about how Artisan can work for your specific requirements.

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