Jerry's fireworks

Premier Entertainment

Whether you’re setting off firecrackers for the Fourth of July or need a choreographed light display for a concert, Jerry’s Fireworks (formerly Hamburg Fireworks) might be the solution for you.

Since 1972, Jerry’s Fireworks has lit up the sky with top-quality pyrotechnics. Reloadables, bottle rockets, sparklers, and other items take up their 4,000-square-foot store in Lancaster, OH. Part warehouse and part retail center, Jerry’s works hard to help their customers celebrate all year round. And with the right point of sale in place, doing so is even easier.

Artisan’s nested category records and purchase requests help keep items organized and easily trackable. In-depth reports, like the Reorder Report, provide the team with vital information, from case cost and size to received and sold cases. Custom reports, like the Customer List Report, lend important insights as well, including contact info and birthdays. “All our reporting and inventory creations were met with timely results and direct instructions on how to best implement them within our company,” says Barbara Sanford, an accountant at Jerry’s Fireworks.

A Fast-Paced Industry

“Crunch time” doesn’t stop after New Year’s or Independence Day. With shows, sports games, and other special events happening throughout the year, having a system that supports such large-scale events is a necessity. “Our experience with Artisan from our initial software purchase in 2014 to present, has been that they are a progressive and dependable company,” says Sanford. “Being a retail fireworks company, and having a critical time frame, means that we need software that will not let us down or become disruptive at crucial times. Never once in nearly 10 years has our software been an issue during our season.”