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Keep Track of Your Stock with Inventory Control Software - Artisan POS

Artisan Point of Sale (POS) for Windows and Mac offers an optimized solution to help retailers streamline their inventory control process in-store or online. Our POS system and inventory management software was built to fit a wide range of retail operations. Our unique functions and features give you what you need to grow your business, no matter what type of store you own.

Benefits of Inventory Management Software

Automated Processes

Artisan will help you reduce manual processes by optionally assigning numbering schemes to vendor, category, and item records.

Eliminate Errors

Artisan warns you when you try to sell an out-of-stock item and will ask how you want to proceed - by special order, sales order, or different method.

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Quick Organization

Organize your items with up to nine levels of categorization. Easily add vendors, manufacturers, and other helpful fields to item records.

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Optimize Your Inventory Control Process

Artisan POS allows you to track your inventory from beginning to end with purchase requests, purchase orders, receiving, sales, layaways, and returns. Easily monitor the status of each item, like seeing when a product was ordered, and from what vendor.

Inventory quantities are always available in real-time, accessible within item records and displayed in helpful areas like the sales screen. Sell items that don’t have a set quantity, like memberships? Easily turn inventory tracking off for those records.

Take the stress out of labeling inventory and deciding how to create SKUs with Artisan’s automatic numbering schemes. With this optional feature set up, Artisan will automatically assign unique codes to each item, category, or vendor record. Choose from 9 alphanumeric options, like putting the vendor or category code before the next available item number. Don’t worry about generating barcodes, either – Artisan can create unique ones for you.

Stay Fully Stocked and Fully Organized With Our Inventory Management Software

Artisan will warn you if you try to sell an item that isn’t currently in stock, and can alert you as your inventory levels dip below a set quantity. By staying organized and keeping a close eye on your products, you’ll know ahead of time when to restock your customers’ favorite items.

Sometimes, inventory labeled as “out of stock” ends up being sold – like if an item fell behind the shelf and wasn’t counted properly. Instead of listing negative inventory, Artisan tracks sales of out-of-stock items as “Pending Stock Corrections.” Management can view this list and choose from multiple options on how to correct the mistake.

Stay on-top of your items even further by marking them as discontinued or temporarily unavailable. Even list products as “Non-Stock” for those that you don’t reguarly keep on the shelves.

Control Over How You Buy and Sell

Easily calculate the true cost of items by taking the cost by FIFO, First-In First-Out, accounting. Because older inventory is being sold to customers before newer inventory, you’ll prevent product and financial waste that happens when items become expired or obsolete. Order products from various unit types – such as case, box, yard, ounce, pound, and more, and sell individually if necessary. Even sell items by hour or day, perfect for hired services.

Easily Add Customizations

In Artisan, there is no practical limit to the number of item, vendor, and category records you can create. They’re also incredibly customizable! Add up to six product images to display products at different angles. Create custom fields to capture additional info, like style or dimensions. Use pop-up notes and memos to remind employees of product upsells and vendor preferences.

Easily group similar products together by creating Product Variants. Quickly assign up to nine attributes to each variant, from different colors to sizes. Save time while creating item records by using these attributes as presets and applying them to other products. Set costs, price, discounts, and other fields individually for each variant – or have them all be the same.

Create collections of items with Inventory Kits, such as items for gift baskets or special bundles. Optionally list individual components on customer invoices and packing slips or hide this information.

CerTek's Inventory Management Software Provides Impressive Search Tools

If a customer asks you where a particular item is, you should be able to walk right to it. With our inventory management software, you can locate products seamlessly, like adding shelf and aisle details to item records.

Additionally, Artisan has two search options to help you look for items. Quick Lookup retreives info by bar code, item code, description, category, and vendor. This option is great for simple, fast searches.

Dig deeper with the Power Search. Filter by keyword, price range, variant template, and countless other variables. No matter what search tools you use, you’ll have a better handle over your inventory and confidence to guide clients around the store.

Artisan POS Guide

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Artisan POS by CerTek Software offers a complete retail store management system. Download our free program guide for a detailed look at some of our most powerful features, compatible hardware options, report examples, and more!

Keep Tabs on Your Products With Inventory Management Software

Counting inventory can be streneous – but it doesn’t have to be. Artisan supports inventory counting using laptops, tablets, and special handheld devices. Speed up the process by scanning items around the store or warehouse, and transfer your counts to Artisan. Print tally sheets from the program and review your counts before submitting for peace of mind. 

As you run your business, you might notice that certain items perform better at one location versus another. Easily move products between sites with Artisan’s inventory transfer tool, helping you monitor your items no matter which location they’re at. 

More Helpful Features With Our Inventory Management Software!

From a built-in label designer for advanced users, to keeping width, height, and other product measurements on hand, Artisan has countless features to help you control your store. Leave your inventory woes in the past – and stay focused on serving your customers. 

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