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Keep Track of Your Stock with Inventory Control Software - Artisan POS

Artisan Point of Sale (POS) for Windows and Mac offers an optimized solution to help retailers streamline their inventory control process in-store or online. Our specialty retail POS solution was built to fit a wide range of retail operations, so it has the unique functions and features you need to grow your business, no matter what type of store you own.

Benefits of Inventory Management Software

Automated Processes

Artisan will help you reduce manual processes by numbering your items after you set preset or default characters and schemes.

Eliminate Errors

Artisan warns you when you try to sell an out-of-stock item and will ask how you want to proceed- by special order, sales order, or other options.

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Quick Organization

Organize your items with up to nine levels of categorization. Also, easily add categories, suppliers, and manufacturers to item records.

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Optimize Your Inventory Control Process

Artisan POS allows you to track your inventory from beginning to end with purchase requests, purchase orders, receiving, sales, layaways, and returns. No matter what unique inventory your store carries, Artisan can help you keep track of every item in your stock and eliminate manual methods of inventory control.

Stay Fully Stocked, and Fully Organized

Artisan will warn you if you try to sell an item that isn’t currently in stock. Additionally, If an item is out of stock at one location but available at another, you can easily transfer that inventory to another location. By staying organized and keeping a close eye on your inventory, you’ll know ahead of time when to restock your customers’ favorite items.

Utilize FIFO Accounting

Easily calculate the true cost of items by taking the Cost by FIFO, First-In First-Out, accounting. Because older inventory is getting shipped out to customers before newer inventory, you will be preventing product waste and the financial waste that would result when products become expired or obsolete.

Easily Add Customizations

With Artisan, it’s easy to group similar products together by creating Product Variants. For example, if you have a clothing item in various colors and sizes, you can manage all variants from one place. Also, you can create collections of items with Inventory Kits, such as items for gift baskets or special bundles.

Never Lose Track of Your Products

If a customer asks you where a particular item is, you should be able to walk right to it. With our inventory management software, you can search for inventory by barcode, item code, description, category, vendor, and other variables. Additionally, know exactly where products are located in your store by adding shelf and aisle details.

Artisan POS Guide

Free Artisan POS Guide

Artisan POS by CerTek Software offers a complete retail store management system. Download our free program guide for a detailed look at some of our most powerful features, compatible hardware options, report examples, and more!

Unlimited Options

With our inventory control solution, there’s no practical limit on inventory items, categories, vendors, or manufacturers. You can easily add multiple vendors to products if necessary. Additionally, store up to six product images in Item Records- great for displaying products at multiple angles.

And More Helpful Features!

Stay on top of things and never miss an important notice again by creating Pop Up notes to remind you of important info, like vendor preferences. Artisan also lets you easily switch products to discontinued, unavailable, or non-stock if necessary, buy and sell items as a case, box, roll, and other quantities, and print merchandise labels with or without barcodes or pictures.

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