Reporting and Analytics

Make Informed Business Decisions with Advanced Reporting and Analytics

When you make choices backed up by detailed reporting and analytics data, you can have confidence in every business decision you make. Artisan Point of Sale (POS) software from CerTek for Windows and Mac empowers you to make informed decisions based on nearly every angle of your business. Analyze customer activity, sales and merchandising, inventory and purchasing, accounting and payments, and much, much more. With advanced analytics and reporting, you’ll have the labor, supply, and financial data you need to know your business inside and out.

Group by vendor or category to help you drill down into specific items and brands. Optionally show subcategories with subtotals and detailed info – you control how many levels deep to display. With your store’s stats available in-real time, charting your growth is easier than ever.

Benefits of Utilizing Artisan Reporting and Analytics Software


Get Important Business Insights

With Artisan POS, you can keep your finger on the pulse of your business and see what customers are purchasing. This enables you to know which products or services are selling well and which are not, so that you can make critical decisions based on data.

Find Ways to Streamline Productivity

Artisan’s numerous built-in reports over multiple categories help you gain an in-depth insight into your store’s operations. Utilize employee reports and others to discover new ways to elevate your business and eliminate wasted time and money!


Save Money, Generate More Revenue

With detailed data insights comes the opportunity to learn and adapt, helping your business to thrive! Use your reports to find new areas for growth by identifying recent product trends or problem areas sucking up your valuable time and money.

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Reporting Features That Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage

Customer Insight Reports

Identify which products and services your customers love and which might not be worth the effort. Artisan POS software helps business owners prepare for the future and make insightful decisions on what to invest in based on past and current buying history.

  • See sales by customer, including any discounts applied
  • Include or exclude certain customer types, like wholesalers, retailers, and other unique customer groups you’ve created
  • See cost of goods sold per customer and profit generated
  • View a list of loyalty club points per customer and club, including date joined and expiration date
  • Export a list of customers with names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers
  • Narrow down reports based on customer type, birthday, location, products purchased, and other crucial parameters

Employee Management Reports

Track the productivity of your employees and stay organized while managing your labor. Artisan POS reporting and analytics can help you eliminate overspending by helping you optimize your employee’s schedules based on your sales trends.

  • View employee hours on a clock in/out board
  • Run reports summarizing hours worked over a day, week, month, or other specific time period
  • Include employee data from all store locations, or just one. View data for all employees or individually
  • View employee performance, including sales per hour, the average number of items, tips generated, discounts applied, and commissions due

Inventory Management

With inventory trends, right at your fingertips you can plan more efficiently and ensure that you never run out of your customers’ favorite products. Artisan POS can help you enhance productivity as you keep track of your stock.

  • Summarize inventory by category, vendor, price range, and other fields
  • See quantity on hand, cost, and price for inventory at each store location
  • See quantity sold and quantity received for each item within a given time period
  • View on-hand inventory asset data with optional subtotals
  • Identify your best and worst performing items, including profits and margins based on products sold
  • See which items are currently discounted or included in promotions
  • Pinpoint shrinkage, breakage, and returns
  • View reasons for other adjustments, like if an item was donated, returned to the vendor, used internally at the store, corrected based on physical counts, or other miscellaneous changes
  • See the age of your stock by day, week, month, or year, including the quantity on hand and date received with retail and cost value
  • Export a list of vendors, with vendor type (ex. Artist or Supplier), name, category, and contact info

Merchandising Reports

Artisan’s merchandising reports analyze your inventory’s performance. This helps identify slow moving items, product trends, and other areas to help you buy and sell with confidence.
  • One of Artisan’s most powerful reports, the “Merchandise Performance Report,” displays inventory turns, gross margin return on investment, initial and mantained markups, and other important details
  • View amount and percentages that items were marked up and marked down, and view beginning and ending inventory for a certain time period
  • Know what to order next by avoiding slow-moving inventory and purchasing more of what your customers love
  • View item trends to see what time periods customers prefer certain products over others
  • Plan ahead for holiday seasons and special events by seeing what did well last year
  • See vendor performance and sell through rate to know who your top vendors are
  • Run data for product variants (items grouped together by size, style, and other characteristics), from sales, amount on-hand, and more

Purchasing and Receiving Reports

With helpful analytics and reporting tools like purchasing and receiving reports, your team can keep track of vendor and manufacturer deliveries, incoming orders, and more.

  • View a list of all purchase requests, including units requested and sales margins
  • See items reordered within a specific time span, like the last three months, including products reordered automatically or on special or custom orders
  • View reorder level thresholds for each item, such as how low a product’s quantity on hand can reach before Artisan triggers an automatic purchase request
  • View items on order by month, great to view what items are set to arrive soon at your store
  • View receiving data, like the date received, number of units on each purchase order, and margin percentages for each item
  • Optionally include information from only a certain range of purchase orders, receiving clerks (employees), date received, and other fields

Accounting And Business Insight Reports

Accounting and Sales Reports

It’s never been easier to oversee your business’s sales and accounting with a wide array of reports. Use robust analytics and reporting tools to easily balance the books and go beyond basic monitoring of accounts payable and accounts receivable data.

  • View outstanding store credits, tracked coupons, and gift cards (including expiration dates)
  • View any tax-exempt sales, like for tax-free holidays or certain customer types
  • See consignment sales data, including the amount the item(s) sold for and the amount due to the vendor
  • Print consignment payout statements for all vendors or a specific range
  • Use the A/R aging report to see any late payments by date range (1 to 30 days late, over 180 days late, etc.)
  • Print A/R statements right from Artisan and optionally skip statements that are below a minimum amount
  • See any items bought from customers, including the item code and description, customer name, quantity, total, and slip number             

Payment and Order Processing Reports

Digitize your accounting books with Artisan POS solutions. Our software makes viewing payment processing data easy. Effectively manage customer payments–such as customer payments, and recurring charges, with powerful reports.

  • View a log of all payment processing transactions, including date and time, card type (like Visa or Discover), action (such as successful or voided sales), slip number, and other sales details
  • Run a list of credit cards that expire soon to know which customers to contact for updated info
  • See data for automatically billed transactions, such as payments for loyalty clubs or memberships. View the slip number attached to the payment, the customer name, and if the payment is pending, succesful, or declined
  • See a detailed list of payment processes batched throughout a specific time period, optionally including voided sales and declined payments. Filter by payment types, from Net 30, to check, to ACH, and more

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It’s clear why more retailers and merchants trust CerTek with their business software. CerTek’s Artisan POS reporting and analytics tools make it easy to dive into reports for your entire business. With reports for nearly every aspect of your store, this POS software will become a keystone for your business.

Artisan POS Guide

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