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Artisan POS Can Help You Run a Tight Ship

Owning or operating a marina isn’t your average day at the office. From slip assignments to fuel sales, managing inventory, and overseeing employees, the workload can leave you drowning in tasks. Comprehensive marina POS software gives your customers a better payment experience while lightening your administrative tasks.

Our POS experts know the demands of the marina field. We have industry-specific features like auto billing for slip management, units for selling gas, ice, and bait, or cash drop alerts when you hit your cash drawer limit. Artisan Marina POS software is a flexible, versatile solution with the features to help you succeed. From secure payments to employee timesheets, our solutions can do it all. We offer best-in-class inventory tracking and real-time sales analysis to help you stay competitive. Whether you operate a small harbor or a bustling waterfront marina, our comprehensive software provides the tools to handle whatever the job throws at you.

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Marina Management Software Helps You Run Your Business Better

A Superior Way to Manage Your Money

  • Set up automatic payments to ensure your bills are sent out on time. Easily access and view your payments, deposits, accounts receivable, and cost of goods sold.
  • Use cash drops to keep track of money moved to and from secure locations, like a safe, throughout the day. Get alerts within Artisan when it’s time to conduct your next cash drop.
  • Accept EMV chip, credit card, debit card, PayPal, tap-to-pay, check, and other common payment methods. Choose the payment processor that fits your business needs.

Best-In-Class Inventory Management

  • Track your inventory by size, style, and other unique factors. Easily manage marina gift shop and convenience products like souvenirs, apparel, gear, and snacks.
  • Appropriately classify gas, ice, and bait by ounce, pound, gallon, and other increments. You can even mark items as “internal use” if used by your store.
  • Organize items in “nested” categories, like “Boat Maintenance,” “Paint,” and “Topside Paint.”

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

  • Artisan POS includes enhanced reporting tools to analyze every aspect of your marina, from sales metrics to customer preferences, employee timesheets, and more.
  • Our marina POS software seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks accounting, so you can easily manage finances. We’ll even help you move from QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • For a product that reflects your brand, you can create custom forms for contracts and compliance. You can also email, export, and print invoices from Artisan.

Security for Peace of Mind

  • Artisan is equipped with enhanced security measures, from authorization controls to audit trails, to help you keep an even closer eye on your finances.
  • Artisan’s Cash Counter functionality lets you know how much money is being taken from or added to the register at any time. 
  • Our marina POS software lets you age-restrict sensitive products and services, and scan driver’s licenses to verify purchases.

Marina POS Functionality To Fit Your Needs

Discover the Benefits of Marina POS Software

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Seamless Transactions

Improve the customer experience by ensuring quicker access to customer needs and accepting a variety of popular payment methods.

Tailored Features

Tailored Features

Maximize our marina POS software to customize receipts and personalize forms to leave lasting impressions on your customers.

Stay Informed

Stay Informed

Easily monitor your revenue, expenses, and profitability in real time. Our POS system helps you make better data-driven decisions.

Increased Loyalty

Increased Loyalty

Build stronger customer relationships by accessing purchase history and offering targeted promotions and loyalty discounts.

Everything You Need in a POS


Our fine craft store POS software has all the features you need for success. Control inventory, sell in-store and online, and manage operations from a single program.


Get a complete POS system bundle, including PCs, software, cash drawers, receipt printers, and more. Or, buy any hardware piece individually from our store.


Our dedicated technical team is ready to assist with the sales process, training, and implementation. Plus, we offer ongoing U.S.-based support and a growing knowledge base.
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Ready to Sail the Seas of Success?

Artisan POS delivers better efficiency and analysis at a reasonable price point. Talk with a CerTek expert today to see how much you can save.