Stand Out with Customer Engagement Software for Retail POS

Provide a Better Buying Experience, Every Transaction

Your point of sale (POS) solution has to do much more than accept payments to compete in the retail industry. Whether in fine craft, furniture, liquor, or other sectors, Artisan POS offers customer engagement software features to upgrade the buyer experience.

Loyalty programs and gift cards deliver personalization and get your store’s name out there. Gift registries ensure customers celebrate weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, and more in style. Up-to-the-minute customer data show who purchased online, in-store, or both. These metrics are essential to help boost your sales and marketing efforts.

Artisan’s customer engagement abilities help you better connect with your clients. Create “customer types” to organize retailers, wholesalers, and other personalized groups. Even keep customer contact info on hand to alert them via phone or email when unique or custom products arrive.

Unlock the Power of Customer Engagement Software

The right retail POS software will help you attract new business, measure performance, and enhance loyalty.

Better Customer Relationships

Want to know what your customers are thinking? The right customer engagement software can tell you when and where they prefer to shop, which is especially useful if you have multiple locations. Connect with your customers at every stage of their purchasing experience.

Drive New Business

Drive New Business

Attracting new customers is essential for any retail business. Add friends and family members to a customer’s record along with their birthdays, anniversaries, and contact information. Reach a wider audience by selling your products and services online.

Enhance Marketing

Enhance Marketing

With Artisan’s customer engagement software, you can export lists of customers and import them into your favorite marketing tools. As a result, you can strengthen customer relationships and loyalty across multiple touchpoints, including newsletters and direct mailings.

Ready to Upgrade Your POS Software?

We have everything you need to succeed in a simple, yet intuitive customer engagement software platform.

Customer Engagement Software Features to Improve the Customer and Merchant Experience

Customer Management

  • Access data on customer sales history to predict what they may purchase soon.
  • Add notes to keep track of customer preferences, and display your notes as pop-up messages. 
  • Keep a customer image on file, as well as driver’s license ID #, issuing state, and more.
  • Reach a wider audience by selling your products and services online with eCommerce integration with Shopify, BigCommerce, or WooCommerce.

Loyalty Program

  • Set the amount of loyalty points the customer must reach to receive a special gift or offer.
  • Add personalization with customized coupon receipt messages thanking your valuable shoppers.
  • Activate rewards when a specific membership item is purchased or when the membership expires.
  • Elevate customers to different buyer categories once they meet a certain point threshold.

Gift Cards & Gift Certificates

  • Keep valued customers coming back time and again with gift cards and gift certificates.
  • Distributing gift cards helps spread the word about your store and the products you sell.
  • Customize your gift cards with your branding and logo to stand out from the crowd.

Gift Registries

  • Create gift registries to track products for special events and add items to the gift list.
  • Sell products directly from the registry and mark them as sold once you meet the desired quantity.
  • Let guests create credits directly to the account and use them toward purchases.
  • Add co-registrants, like friends and organizers, to the record and enter an event date.  

Why Choose Artisan POS for Your Customer Engagement Software?

To truly know your customers, you need to be able to access an overview of the customer experience. Artisan POS delivers by letting you know what your customers need, from the brands they prefer to the products they buy the most of.

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Begin your journey to boost productivity, cut costs, and delight customers using Artisan POS software.