Retail Payment Processing

Speed Up Transaction at Your Point of Sale with Retail Payment Processing

Provide safe and speedy transactions with integrated payment processing when you partner with CerTek. We work with industry-leading payment processing providers to ensure our Artisan point of sale (POS) solution meets high-quality, reliable standards – and helps you find the right fit. With our POS solution, you can seamlessly and safely accept a wide array of payments, including PIN-based debit, EMV, NFC (Apple Pay® and Google Wallet®), and more. Utilize our “Card on File” feature to handle a variety of transactions, great for repeat billing and customer convenience. Instead of storing the cards, Artisan keeps a secure “token”–and never touches or saves sensitive information.

In addition to traditional payment processing modelsArtisan also enables users to utilize cash discounts and dual pricing capabilities. Although not for every type of store and though there are payment and industry regulations to be aware of, these features help merchants more directly recoup merchant processing fees while adding a layer of transparency for shoppers. 

Benefits of Integrated Payment Processing

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Swift Transactions

Keep your register lines moving quickly with dependable payment processing.

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Supreme Security

We only partner with trusted payment processing companies, ensuring secure processing that is PCI-DSS compliant.


Never feel locked down with a variety of pin pad choices and merchant account options.

Ready to Step Up Your Retail Payment Processing?

Accept a Wide Range of Payments

Artisan supports multiple payment types, such as EMV, NFC (Apple Pay® and Google Wallet®), credit, debit, EBT, and other popular methods. Accept a variety of card types, like personal, business, corporate, purchasing, government, and fleet cards. Even narrow down the card source – via manual entry, phone order, mail order, or webstore order.

State of Art Security

CerTek partners with only the best to ensure you have industry-leading security for your payment processing. Our solutions are PCI-DSS compliant to help you avoid fraud and liability issues. For an extra layer of security, Artisan even supports voice authorizations. And with tokenization and encryption technology, your customer’s data is safe at all times.

Artisan keeps track of whenever cards are used, as well as when they are added or removed from a customer’s profile. The payment processing log lists the nature of the event (such as a sale or return), the amount charged or refunded, the sales slip number, and other crucial information. Easily monitor each and every transaction – even those made at different stations and store locations. 

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Keep Cards on File

Quickly add a card to a customer’s profile via the sales screen or within their customer record. Just swipe or enter the card’s information into the PIN pad, and Artisan will create a “token” that communicates with your payment processor. Sensitive information, like the full credit card or CVV number, is never touched or stored within the program.

This feature is especially useful for managing recurring transactions, memberships, over-the-phone orders, and processing returns without the card being present. It’s even possible to restrict access, so only certain employees or authorization levels, like managers or owners, can run or update cards.

Flexibility In Selecting Hardware

Our software supports numerous PIN pads and payment processors, giving many merchants the option to keep or upgrade their payment processing type. We have solutions for both Mac and Windows users. Our team will be able to work with you to find the perfect option for your business. 

Some of our payment processing solutions offer online portals that reveal additional insights into your transactions, plus the ability to run transactions offline. We’re ready to help you decide which solution is a great fit for you.

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Not Sure Which Processor is Best for You? Call Us, and We Can Help!

Reporting Features

Artisan can generate payment processing reports for you. Run reports for batched payments throughout a specific time period, including possible error or decline messages if any cards didn’t go through. Reconcile and match logged transactions in your payment processor with tenders in Artisan to double-check that amounts are accurate. 

View a list of cards that expire soon and which are being used for upcoming automatic billing so you know who to contact for updated information. These tools give you an advantage – letting you see every angle of the transaction process before, during, and after it occurs. 

Backed By Our Trusted Support Team

Our team makes you a priority. We’ll help you identify which payment processor and hardware work best for your situation. If you encounter any problems, we’re here to guide you through them.

Let Us Work Out The Details and Speed Up Your Transactions Today With Artisan POS and Payment Processing Solutions.