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Discover Our POS Reseller Partner Programs

Are you looking to expand your business opportunities? Partner with a proven retail POS software developer with over 25 years of experience. Our Artisan POS software is a time-tested and proven retail POS solution with all the features your customers need. Whether you want to refer or resell and install, our POS reseller and partner programs help partners identify new market opportunities, close more business, and increase revenue.

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Reseller Program

Our POS reseller program is tailored for those needing more extensive technical expertise. It offers the opportunity to earn substantial commission percentages without requiring training and experience. Resellers can also benefit from payment processing residuals. 

Your options as a Reseller include referring potential clients to CerTek and receiving a commission when the deal is finalized or purchasing our software at a discounted rate for resale.

Dealer Program

The dealer program is for individuals already running established POS businesses and with prior experience working with POS software. Our program offers the advantage of high sales percentages, making it a rewarding opportunity for those with expertise in the field. 

We have crafted our program to be accessible to individuals with a strong background in the POS industry. We also provide online and in-person training to further your understanding of Artisan.

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Our Product Works In Your Verticals

Artisan POS has been optimized for and deployed in the following Markets:

Learn More About Our Program and How Artisan POS Software Can Boost Your Sales in Our Free Reseller eBook

Why Our Partners Love Us

POS systems are the center point for business operations. That is why we ensure that our Artisan POS software is stable, reliable, and capable of handling the demands of day-to-day activities.

We offer in-person and online training for our dealer program and a comprehensive partner portal that provides a library of assets our POS resellers and dealers can use to keep up with the latest updates and receive the resources they need.

CerTek’s competitive pricing structures and favorable margins create a fair split to ensure resellers are profitable. View our pricing and commission structure in our eBook.

Our in-house team of engineers work to provide consistent and reliable software updates. The CerTek team always listens to our partners and customers to identify their needs, ensuring we adapt our POS software to remain competitive and align with the ever-evolving industry demands.

CerTek operates all over North America! With options for resellers and dealers to join from virtually anywhere, our partners can avoid feeling trapped by geographic boundaries when pursuing a sale.

While we offer robust POS hardware and computers, our software works with most terminals, printers, scanners, and card readers.

Meet the diverse needs of your customers with Artisan’s powerful built-in and add-on features. Features include support for payment methods, inventory management, reporting, eCommerce, and more.

Available Integration Features and Capabilities

Integrating with third-party software and services, such as accounting software and eCommerce platforms, is essential for addressing each customer’s unique needs. Built-in components, like loyalty programs and gift registries, deliver impressive features. Level up your clients’ experience with:

CerTek is Dedicated to Supporting Our Partners

If you’re ready to take the next step in your business journey, consider joining us as a partner today.