Dunedin Fine Art Center

It’s Proven to be Very Adaptable “It’s Proven to be Very Adaptable”

It’s never too late to pick up a paintbrush or try your hand at the pottery wheel at Dunedin Fine Art Center. For over 40 years, the space has served as an artist’s haven, providing classes and courses from calligraphy to cooking–for students of all ages. 

Guests are encouraged to stroll through seven artist galleries, grab a bite at the cafe, purchase local and international art in the Gallery Shop, and learn first-hand in one of fifteen studio classrooms. Children and teenagers express themselves in youth classes, summer camps, and art clubs at the Kid’s Corner. Monthly events, from conversations with artists to silent auctions draw visitors as well.

 “It’s proven to be very adaptable,” says Debra Blythe, Administrative Assistant at Dunedin Fine Arts. She especially appreciates how Artisan handles the artwork that flows in and out of the Gallery Shop. The boutique features work from over a hundred local and international artists, as well as retail and consignment items. From jewelry, ceramics, fiber art, soap, books, music, home decor, and more, shoppers find truly unique gifts lining the shelves. 

The art rotates every three to six months to make space for other pieces, which makes having the right point of sale system a necessity. 

Ready to Handle the Crowd

“Artisan provides us a variety of reports that our previous program did not,” explains Blythe. The Sales Summary, Inventory Change / Adjustment, and Inventory Aging reports help staff in particular. All reports keep an eye on what’s sold throughout the day, making running the shop all the more efficient.

The Center also utilizes Artisan outside of the gift shop. “We use it to process Exhibition sales as well,” Blythe says. During busier events, like the Center’s annual Holiday show, the staff operate Artisan on a secondary station at the Visitor Services desk. Having another station speeds up the process for customers and employees alike.

From attending art shows to being on call at our headquarters, CerTek is grateful for the friendships forged and guidance shared with the staff over the years. We’re happy to provide reliable support whenever needed, and thrilled to know that Artisan has helped the Center handle the fast-paced world of art education.