Antique / Craft Mall / Co-Op

Your Collection is One-of-a-Kind – Organize it With Artisan POS™

Key Antique Store POS / Craft Mall / Co-Op Features

Inventory Tracking: See inventory status at any stage – from requested, to received, to sold

Transfer Items: Easily send products between stores and warehouses so no piece goes unaccounted for

Item Breakage and Theft: Adjust for stolen or broken products easily within item records

Consignment Tools: Manage vendor percentages, rental fees, and other technicalities

Deep Categorization: Organize even the most complex and high-end products

Custom Tags: Print labels for the smallest of items, including barbell and jewelry tags

… other tools to keep your collection secure

Antique Stores

Antique stores require an all-encompassing solution to help manage their unique inventory. Losing track of value, price, and demand is simply not an option. Whether you have an established storefront with a receiving area or regularly attend your town’s vintage markets, it’s crucial to know what you have in stock. Enter the Artisan antique store POS.

Artisan’s inventory tools make running an antique store easier than ever. With our “Inventory Tracking” option, know which location has what item, and when they received it. Create categories up to nine levels deep to sort even the most intricate of items. Create vendor records and purchase orders to buy your antiques, and use the Inventory Transfer tool to transfer item record inventory counts to the correct store locations.

Do you offer items on consignment? Easily determine each consignor’s share. Set fees, such as rental and credit card fees, within seconds.

With unique pieces come risks of breakage and stolen items. Easily mark in Artisan if an item was damaged or lost. The program will accurately deduct from your inventory and make notes in your reports.

Even though you sell antiques, your hardware doesn’t have to be! Choose from a variety of scanners that we’ve put to the test for years. Utilize our latest device addition, portable data terminals, to scan items nearly anywhere in the store. Never let inventory overwhelm you again!

Craft Malls

Like antique stores, knowing what you have in stock is vital. Ribbon, paper, posters, tape, craft supplies–paper and pen can’t keep track of it all! As your inventory grows, so does the demand for properly dividing and categorizing around the store.

With Artisan, inventory is easily managed through inventory tracking. Similar products can be grouped into “Product Variants,” by size, color, style, and other attributes. 

Say goodbye to handwriting tags and labels. As your inventory is accepted into Artisan, print however many labels you need. Use the label designer to create custom tags, so customers and employees alike can easily identify products. 


Co-Opting is a collaborative effort – which requires a no-nonsense inventory management system. Let Artisan keep your quantity in-check, so you can spend more time providing a seamless experience for your customers.

Whether you sell fine art, photography, soap, furniture, handmade items, or a variety of unique materials, sort them easily and efficiently. Add frequently-purchased items to the Quick Pick section for easy access, and pull

up customer purchase history to start thinking about what products they might want to buy in the future.

Want to bring your items online? Create an online store with categories for each vendor or artist. Your inventory list is managed in Artisan, not separate from the webstore, so it remains accurate and up to date every day. 

Increase Sales

Artisan™ helps you elevate your sales by letting you know more about what goes on in your store. This can keep you from running out of your best selling items. Know what your customers like by measuring how fast different products sell.

Lower Costs

Avoid expensive mistakes by knowing what to buy and when to buy it. With FIFO enabled, you’ll sell your oldest inventory first. Save time and money around the store due to Artisan’s antique store POS’ efficient speed and compatibility with various hardware.

Manage Your Customers

Have customer contact info on-hand and ready to export into email programs and other loyalty services. No other software program gives you as much power to pull out a simple or complex list of customers based on all kinds of important demographic criteria.

Reporting Made Easy

Chart your growth with in-depth reports. Easily import info into QuickBooks for employee time and sales breakdowns. Dozens of built-in Artisan™ reports with numerous options let you analyze sales, inventory, and customer activity. Custom report services available for a small fee.