Slope Cellars

Slope Cellars“The First and Only”

When Patti Lenartz opened Slope Cellars twenty-one years ago, she didn’t know it would transform into the neighborhood favorite wine shop it is today. With hundreds of wines, spirits, ciders, and sake to choose from, however, it’s easy to see why so many people stop by to take a sip. 

When she took the plunge, she took it with Artisan—and hasn’t looked back. “Artisan was the first and only POS we’ve used,” she said. Being such a long-time customer, Lenartz and her staff were accustomed to Artisan 3.5. Though they’re now happy with the latest version, 4.5, they did have some concerns.

Accessible Support

“I was on vacation when we switched over to the newest version,” Lenartz said. “It honestly took us a while to get used to it. The entire interface was different.” 

But, thanks to Artisan’s user-friendly features and assistance from CerTek’s support team, Lenartz and her staff soon found themselves getting acclimated with the program. “I have five full-time employees and five part-time, some of which are of an older generation, and they’re now all comfortable with Artisan.” 

Superior Wine Shop Features

Of the features the staff at Slope Cellars enjoys, the multi-screen aspect is a definite plus, with Lenartz saying, “I like that I can have a lot of things going on in the same screen.” 

Though switching to the new version from the old wasn’t smooth sailing, especially with integrating gift cards, Lenartz appreciates the customer service. “The tech support is always great. We had some issues, but with their help, it seems like our problems are all cleared up.”