Consignment POS System

Bring Order to Constantly Changing Inventory

Your merchandise mix may be unpredictable from week to week, but your business’s efficiency and profitability don’t have to be. Whether you sell apparel, furniture, or general retail consignment, Artisan’s point of sale (POS) system gives you the tools to track each item from receiving to sale and build strong relationships with your consignors and customers. Additionally, our consignment POS system is configurable, so you determine pricing schemes and cost models, percentages you retain on each sale, and rental fees for store space, if applicable.

Consignment Store POS Features

Simplified Consignor Management

  • Manage contact information, product categories, and fees for each vendor.
  • Establish price splits for individual consignors and easily export payout statements and accounting info to QuickBooks.
  • Run detailed reports on consignor accounts and learn which items perform best in your store.

Easy Consignment Inventory Tracking

  • Enter items into inventory by the consignor and know which products you have on order, including special and custom orders.
  • Know where each item is located by adding shelf locations for each record.
  • Inventory updates in real time as items are sold, sharing data with your Shopify or WooCommerce site.

Effective Tools to Create Return Customers

  • Collect purchase history and item preferences on our consignment POS system to help you realize which customers to direct your marketing efforts towards.
  • Identify VIP customers to offer loyalty rewards and invite them to special store events.
  • Provide customer data to sales associates so they can personalize service.

Additional Features

Benefits of Our POS System for Consignment Stores


Increased Merchandise Turnover

See which items sell quickly and which you need to mark down or include in promotions. Consignors will appreciate sales and floor space will be available for other items.

Effective Marketing

Collect customer contact information at the point of sale and export it to marketing automation programs so that you can easily send promotions or news of store events via email.


Lower Costs

With an Artisan consignment POS system, you’ll save time with streamlined processes, make better decisions backed by data, and decrease costly errors.

Everything You Need in a POS


Artisan POS software is configurable, so you can choose the features you need to support the unique way you do business.


Let us help you build a total solution comprised of our consignment store POS and compatible hardware, including terminals, cash drawers, and printers.


Consult with our talented team on the sales process, training, and implementation. Plus, we offer ongoing U.S.-based technical support and a growing knowledge base.
audrey with artisan pos
Artisan POS on windows tablet

Hardware Your Store Needs

Offer a mobile checkout solution with Windows tablets. Scan products and enter sales as you walk around your consignment store. Complete the sale on a mobile payment device or at the register. Start sales, retag and reorder products, count inventory, and other day-to-day duties with handheld terminals.

Give CerTek a Try

Put Artisan to the test and see how our consignment POS system can streamline your business.