Enhanced Security at the Register with New Artisan Tools

Artisan 4.8 recently introduced the “Cash Management” feature, which helps retailers fortify their finances even more.

Some businesses transfer money to a secure location, like a safe, at the end of the day (or after every shift). This is called a “Cash Drop.” Keeping track of this action ensures that every tender – down to the last penny – is accounted for. 

Artisan makes note of how much the User is leaving in the drawer at the end of the day and uses that amount as the next day’s starting value. Artisan will also ask the User to count out the money in the drawer at the start of the next day and enter that amount into the program. That amount is checked against the amount entered the night before, and used as the starting cash.

All activity related to the cash drawer – and Cash Management tools – is linked to an audit trail. Artisan tracks whenever the cash drawer is opened, cash adds/drops are made, and other related activities. Know the location and register the activity occurred, by what employee, and at what time.

To learn more about this Cash Management, click here. To upgrade to 4.8 and experience this feature for yourself, contact us today.