Protecting Your Store Against Organized Retail Crime

Retail crime is on the rise. From profit loss to an elevated risk of violence, this increasing threat is a chief concern for many business owners. Luckily, there are measures you can take to safeguard your store.

Types of Retail Crime

  • Concealment – The suspect takes items off the shelves or racks and places them in a bag, purse, or under clothes.
  • Smash and Grab – The suspect shatters a window, door, or glass case and takes off with products.
  • Removing Tags – Security tags are removed by a cashier when the item is purchased. Shoplifters will try to take the item to a dressing room or quieter place in the store and remove the tag. Without this security measure in place, it’s easier for the suspect to walk away with the item using this method of retail crime.
  • Online Shoplifting – A customer submits a false claim against your store, saying the item came damaged or was never delivered in exchange for a free item or their money back.

Inventory Management

Utilize Shrinkage

Artisan Reports


Safeguard Your Store Against Retail Crime with These Solutions

Artisan comes with robust methods to keep an eye on your products.

  • Inventory Management – Monitor your inventory process by keeping a digital trail. Utilize purchase orders when ordering items from vendors and use the receiving log as each item arrives at your store. Use the “Inventory Count” procedure to take careful stock of your products and make note of any items that are missing.
  • Utilize “Shrinkage” – Keep track of missing items in Artisan by marking them as “Shrinkage” (lost or stolen).
  • Artisan Reports – Artisan’s inventory reports pull up all items marked as “shrinkage,” giving you an overhead view of your products.