March 2022 Newsletter

Keep Your Data Safe from Malware and More

Is your data prepared against flooding, fire, ransomware, malware, and computer crashes? How about accidental (or purposeful) deletion or computer theft? Cyber-attacks are a growing threat as well, and many of our customers want to know how to protect their data against these emerging issues. Storing your backups in a secure, virtual location is the best way to avoid the havoc from these scenarios.

Find out how to safeguard your Artisan information today with a solid, affordable solution.

Version 4.6 Available Now

The next version of Artisan POS is here – with powerful features to help you run your business. We’ve been working hard on 4.X for a long time and are ecstatic to announce the new generation: 4.6. Click here to view this version’s features.

Contact us today to schedule your upgrade.

(A support plan is required to schedule an upgrade, and additional fees may apply if you are upgrading from 3.5).

To see what’s different between 3.5 and 4.6, click here.

How Long Will We Support 3.5?

We have encouraged many of our customers to switch to 4.X. We understand that change can be intimidating. However, 4.X is well-seasoned and contains thousands of improvements!

If 3.5 does what you need and you aren’t eager to be on the latest version of Windows, then the choice is yours. However, for most of you, especially those with multiple locations running remotes, we recommend that you at least experiment with Artisan 4.6. Rest assured that we are not kicking you off the 3.5 island just yet. We realize that 3.5 is well-loved and we will continue support where we can. Microsoft may be the driving force behind some of you upgrading to the next version of Artisan, by not supporting the legacy components that 3.5 depends upon much longer.

Should You Upgrade to Windows 11?

Although Windows 11 has some pretty neat new features (that won’t improve Artisan), this upgrade isn’t ready for everyone yet, despite Microsoft’s claims otherwise. Our testing has found it to be too slow, dramatically slower under certain circumstances compared to the same machine running Windows 10. With missing device drivers, the fact that some of you may need to install a patch for our Crystal Reports Viewer, and the speed issue, we can’t recommend Windows 11 to most of our clients. We do, however, have a number of clients already using it because of Microsoft’s aggressive upgrade policy.

To stop your computer from automatically upgrading to Windows 11, please read our article on the topic.

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